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Leave of Absence

Is managing employee absence making you ill?

ActIn Time can help you keep track of the different types of absenteeism in the workplace as well as monitoring holidays taken, booked in advanced and remaining entitlement. Whether you prefer manual absence requests or an electronic web based solution, the choice is yours.

With unlimited absence codes, descriptions and colours you can track repeat offenders using the same reason\excuse. Bradford factor reports & dashboards feeds back vital information helping you take control and ease the headache that absenteeism can cause.

  • Absence Management Screen
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Detailed Absence & Holiday Statistics

  • Comprehensive absence and holiday booking wizards to ensure required information has been entered correctly.
  • Detailed statistical information is available while booking absences, this will allow you to keep good staffing levels and ensure that employees cannot take more than their entitlement.
  • Prevent too many employees within the same criteria such as department or core skill from being booked on holiday at the same time.
  • Create absence entitlement groups with several pro-rata and length of service options.

  • Automatic Entitlement Renewal
    Automated entitlement renewal with the option to choose whether to carry over unused entitlement from one year to the next.

  • Entitlement Renewal Type
    Holiday entitlement renewal can be defined by a specific date, (1st January to 31st December for example) or an employee’s start date.

  • Absence Reasons
    Create an unlimited number of absence reasons either paid or unpaid.

  • Return to Work Interview
    Defining which absence reasons require a return to work interview will help trigger prompts on the To Do List.

  • Bradford Factor
    The Bradford Factor is a recognised way of calculating spells of absence verses number of days taken. Alerts can be triggered when booking an absence, there is also a Bradford Factor report available.

  • Block Book Absences
    Block book absences such as bank holiday or company shutdown.

  • Absence Entitlement
    Monitor past and present Holiday & absence entitlement.

  • Entitlement Policies
    Entitlement policies can be allocated in days or hours and minute.

  • Entitlement Categories
    There are 10 categories of absence; each category can have its own entitlement such as Holiday, Sickness, Parental Leave, Lieu Days etc.

  • Colour Coded
    Each absence can be assigned a different colour, categorising absences into colour schemes like variants of green for sickness or blue for holiday will make it easier to identify absences & trends.

  • Authorisation Email
    Automated Email alerts can be triggered to advise Employees if specific requests have been approved or declined. Managers can have automated alerts advising if they have any outstanding request that require action.

  • Absence Statistics
    What would happen if all fork-lift drivers, first aiders, or the staff qualified to complete key tasks in the workplace were on holiday at the same time? Absence Statistics will help prevent this when booking an absence.

  • Absence Management

    • Absence Management
  • Absence Entitlement

    • Absence Entitlement
  • Absence Statistics

    • Absence Statistics
  • Absence Entitlement Policy

    • Absence Entitlement Policy

Report Examples

  • Yearly Absence Planner
  • Absence Entitlement
  • Absence Listing
  • Absence Monthly Analysis
  • Absence Weekday Analysis
  • Monthly Absence Chart