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Access Control

ActIn Time Access Control; providing a fully integrated security solution!

ActIn Time suits all access control requirements, from single door installations, to complex vehicle & pedestrian site management. Protect your staff, visitors and property with confidence & peace of mind with our complete access control solution.

Permanent staff, contractors and even visitors can be issued different access levels for specific time periods, plus programmable free zones for man managed receptions during office hours.

  • Realtime Access Activity
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You control who goes where, and when access is granted.

Proximity readers are fitted as standard, however fingerprint technology is also available for the higher levels of security.

  • Real time employee tracking utilising the Attendance Display Panel.
  • Interactive access alerts notifying of failed entry attempts, doors that are ajar and doors that have been forced.
  • Perfect for security guards and system administrators.
  • Keep an archive of all door activity for future reference.
  • Quickly disable lost and stolen badge.

  • Access Audit
    A comprehensive access control audit trail is available.

  • Access Patterns
    Access patterns define what days and what time access is granted.

  • Access Free Zones
    Define if a door is automatically unlocked during office hours.

  • Door Forced
    Activate an alarm if a door is forced open.

  • Zones
    Program multiple zones to enable employee tracking & safe muster points.

  • Door Ajar
    An alarm can be triggered if a door is left open.

  • Attendance Display Panel
    Locate an individual’s latest swiped information with real time capability.

  • Terminal Policies
    Terminal policies are assigned to individuals and define which doors are accessed. There are no limits to the number of terminal policies.

  • Anti-Passback
    Prevent employees from re-entering a door without swiping when exiting.

  • Access Reports
    Comprehensive access control based reporting.

  • Remote Lock/Lock Command
    Manually lock and unlock doors via the software.

  • Access Audit

    • Access Audit
  • Attendance Display Panel (ADP)

    • Attendance Display Panel
  • Realtime Access Activity

    • Realtime Access

Report Examples

  • Access Data Listing (Everything)
  • Access Data Listing (Badge Based)
  • Access Data Listing (Access Denied)
  • Access Time Pairs Totals per Day