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£ 99.00

Typical Discount Bundle Package

  • Time Clock, 250 Weekly Clock Cards,
    25 Slot Card Rack, a continuous Battery Backup, & FREE delivery (UK mainland ONLY) - £130.00




CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD BROCHURE The well known ActIn Time range has been specifically designed and manufactured to
a very high standard to withstand Office and Factory environments. This model is a
compact entry level clocking in system ideally suited for companies under 100 staff
however, no actual employee limit is set.

  • Simple Plug & Play.
  • Maximum 6 clocking's per day, per employee.
  • 2 colour printing (RED for exceptions i.e. late clocking's), 24 colour changes.
  • External output to bell or siren for start/stop break times, 24 time signals.
  • Fully automatic card feed and clocking in and out, 24 card slot changes.
  • Rejection of wrong card detection.
  • Automatic hour change for Summer & Winter (BST/GMT).
  • Back lit LCD or Analogue time display with BLUE/RED lateness indication.
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly or Monthly pay periods.
  • Perpetual calendar.
  • 7 Print languages.
  • Tough ABS plastic for robust use.
  • Anti-tamper proof with lockable case and PASSWORD protection.
  • Built-in lithium battery backup for time, date and memory auto-reset after power failure.
  • FREE Ni-Cd battery back-up pack for continuous use whilst power is switched off.
  • 12 / 24 hour format.
  • Standard 60 minute or 1/10 or 1/100 decimal time printing.
  • Printing adjustment for up/down/left/right.
  • Wall or table top mounting.
  • 1 year warranty for parts & labour.