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Attendance System

How can ActIn Time Attendance help my business?

Many systems struggle with the complexity of shift patterns and customer expectations of what a system should produce in today’s market.

ActIn Time is in its fourteenth generation with over 25 years of development creating a sophisticated Time & Attendance product.

Real time reminders can alert managers to several basic, yet important facts, ensuring that the right people are in the right place at the right time.

  • Attendance Adjustmeents Screen
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Complex multiple shift rotation, automated shift selection based on the time an employee has clocked, flexitime, and rostering are just a few of the requirements that have been met using ActIn Time as standard.

Customers find it hard to track down a system that can cope with annualised hours; ActIn Time has successfully been implemented at several sites with minimal fuss using the script engine.

  • Who is working now?
  • Who should be working now?
  • Who was late?
  • Have the correct hours been worked?
  • Has all overtime been authorised?

Choose from a wide selection of standard break types, overtime, rounding, and grace rules.

With up 20 individual time pots that can be renamed as required, defining calculated hours into basic, overtime, sickness, holiday etc.

  • Core Time Infringements
    An effective way of highlighting employee’s swipes that are clocking either in late or out early.

  • Overtime Authorisation
    Automatically flag overtime etc. so that authorisation is required by managers and administrators.

  • Break Rules
    Choose from a wide selection of standard break types, you may want to utilise the script engine for more complex requirements.

  • Analyser
    Analyse clocking times and scenarios prior to implementing new work patterns.

  • Remuneration
    Assigning a remuneration policy to an employee can identify the cost of hours worked in a pay period.

  • GPS Tracking
    An employee’s clocked locations can be viewed on a map when combined with the mobile app.

  • Attendance Adjustments
    The Attendance & Adjustments screen interacts seamlessly with the absence management calendar. The system provides an aesthetically pleasing time card screen with clear icons that identify anomalies or important information.

  • Planner
    The planner module makes light work of temporary shift changes.

  • Manual Adjustments
    Employees with missed bookings can be a real inconvenience and delay payroll. Proactive reminders plus highlighted adjustment records help speed the process and highlight repeat offenders.

  • Recalculation
    The recalculation function is used to recalculate an employee’s hours based on any changes made to the shift pattern.

  • Shift Types
    There is a comprehensive range of shift patterns and criteria available. From standard weekly schedules to complex rotational and shift based solutions.

  • Attendance Adjustments

    • Attendance Adjustments
  • Planner

    • Planner
  • Attendance Display Panel (ADP)

    • Attendance Display Panel
  • Attendance Anomalies

    • Attendance Anomalies

Report Examples

  • Weekly clock Card
  • Archived Hours
  • Attendance Bookings
  • Daily Totals
  • Monthly Attendance
  • Flexitime Hours Balance