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Fire Alarm

Fully Automated Fire Roll Call Reporting & Emails.

Connecting the ActIn Time Fire Roll Call Monitor to your existing fire alarm will trigger automated roll call emails to fire wardens and key personnel. Roll call reports can be printed automatically to printers of your choice also if required. Each person can then be accounted for quickly & accurately in the event of an emergency.

Doors, turnstiles & gates, controlled by ActIn Time Access Control Units, can automatically open when the Fire Roll Call Monitor is triggered

  • Attendance Display Panel
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Advanced Electronic Mustering

Locating Assembly Point Terminals with external readers at designated muster points allows faster accountability for staff & visitors providing complete peace of mind.

In the event of a fire, employees are asked to leave their possessions and evacuate the building to one of the designated Assembly / Muster Points.

On arrival they must present their badge/fob/finger to be read on an external reader.

This enables fire wardens to quickly and easily account for their staff, and act upon any employee not present within the designated safe zones utilising the Attendance Display Panel inside manned external security stations.

  • Zones
    Zones are programmed to identify working/public areas, assembly/muster points & off site/the outside world.

  • Automatic Email
    You control who receives an Email containing the roll call report in the event of activation. This is the most preferred option in today’s modern environment and can be used in combination with the automated printouts if required.

  • Automated Door Release
    You identify which doors open automatically when the fire alarm is triggered. Once the emergency is over, security personnel can secure the doors electronically within the software.

  • Automated Printouts
    Reports can be printed automatically to designated printers of your choice.

  • Attendance Display Panel
    Security officers and fire wardens can monitor people moving from ‘danger areas’ into safe zones in the event of evacuation within the safe confounds of an external security office.

  • Attendance Display Panel (ADP)

    • Attendance Display Panel
  • Fire Alarm Monitor Alerts

    • Fire Alarm Monitor Alerts
  • Fire Roll Call Configuration: What Doors to Release?

    • Fire Roll Call Configuration - What Door to Release
  • Fire Roll Call Configuration: Who to be E-Mailed?

    • Fire Roll Call Configuration - Who to E-Mail

Report Examples

  • Roll Call by Grouping
  • Roll Call by Zone