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Job Costing

ActIn Time provides a fully integrated Job Costing Solution.

Monitoring costs on the shop floor have been made simpler with the introduction of ActIn Time integrated job costing module.

Not only does ActIn Time allow costing by job, but it also gives you the flexibility of costing by department, individual employee and specific operation. By using the performance comparison reports, you can check on the effectiveness of your employees and highlight areas for improvement.

  • Job Costing Adjustments Screen
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Logging job details couldn't be easier. An employee simply presses the clearly marked ‘job start’ or ‘job stop’ function buttons on the data collection terminal and follows a series of simple requests such as ‘Enter job number’, or ‘Enter operation’. The terminal keypad may be used, although an increasing number of businesses choose to use barcode scanners for increased efficiency.

The data collected by the terminal is passed directly to the ActIn Time software making it instantly available for reports and enquiries. With clear identification for each job and operation, ActIn Time lets you drill down to the exact layer of information you need, making it easy to compare performance and address areas where productivity can be improved.

The new data collection terminals run scripts designed specifically for your business ensuring that the solution provided is perfect for you.

  • Jobs
    There are no limits to the amount of job numbers you can create. The introduction of scripting could help create hundreds of job numbers in bulk.

  • Products
    There is no limit to the number of products that you can create, the relevant operations required to manufacture the item can be entered. Utilising the product field makes creating a new job quicker and easier.

  • Adjustments
    Manipulate the job costing data using the adjustment section.

  • Bespoke
    Customise you job costing procedures using the script editor.

  • Operations
    Implementing operations to the Job Number creates a 2 tier system; quantities required & completed can also be entered.

  • Customers
    Store customer information & assign jobs to customers creating a track history.

  • Anomalies
    Job costing anomalies will be displayed as alerts on the To Do List E.g. An employee clocks on to a job but forgets to clock off.

  • Job Breakdown

    • Jobs
  • Job Costing Adjustments

    • Job Costing Adjustments
  • Product Setup

    • Job Costing Products
  • Operation Setup

    • Job Costing Operations

Report Examples

  • Job Costing Bookings per Employee
  • Job Costing Bookings per Job
  • Job Costing Bookings Over Date Range
  • Job Costing Downtime
  • Job Details
  • Job Listing