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10 Popular Questions & Answers

Choosing the right Time & Attendance management system can be challenging when there are so many choices to consider.

Whatever stage you find yourself in researching, planning or implementation of a new system, our dedicated team of consultants will help you stay on track to achieve a successful and smooth installation along with any necessary software advice you may need.

Who supplies the product & how long has the company been in the Time & Attendance Industry?

Wisegrove Limited began life in the Time and Attendance industry in 1984, starting with the traditional ‘clocking in machine’. As the industry has changed so have customers’ expectations and requirements.

Wisegrove Limited has adapted and embraced the challenge; taking advantage of new technologies based on top quality, reliable, electronic PC linked systems and integrated solutions.

Where is the software manufactured?

The software house is U.K. based with a dedicated development team whose main aim is to provide the best software solution on the market to meet supply & demand.

The forward thinking design technicians are always striving towards new ideas utilising the latest available technological development.

How secure is the software & database?

The importance of database security and stability is paramount as you will be storing sensitive employee information, and must keep in line with the Data Protection Act.

  • ActIn Time utilises Microsoft SQL server that is known for its security & protection.
  • ActIn Time itself has its built in security features & settings
  • The data that is held within the SQL database is kept indefinitely unless database cleansing scripts are ran to strip out and compact data.

How long has the software been released?

Purchasing a newly released product is normally a high risk for bugs and causes major downtime in settling the product. If it is that easy then why do the larger software houses like Microsoft release Service Packs!

ActIn Time is in its fourteenth generation encompassing over 25 years of development and improvement, including many exciting new features. Whether your organisation is a large multi-site operation or a workshop with only a few staff, we believe that our product is the correct choice for you.

Is the system modulated?

Many companies charge you for the modules you want to use OR they charge you for the employee size capacity OR certain features within the software. You can also be penalised for employee leavers who would count towards your capacity limit. Make sure you know what is included and don’t get caught out from hidden costs!

Actin Time is an ‘off the shelf’ feature rich product crammed full of modules included in the price. This includes Time & Attendance, Absence, HR, Access Control, Payroll Package integration, Job Costing, Cost Centering modules & many more.

Is it possible to customise the software?

It is important in this day and age to have a bit more flexibility than an off the shelf product. Hundreds of customers purchase systems every year thinking it will satisfy their requirements, only to find out that once they have implemented it they are stuck “between a rock and a hard place” because they have forgotten, misinterpreted, mixed different systems up etc. and realised the system doesn't quite do what they wanted it to do.

Want something changing? ActIn Time has the flexibility of built in scripting technology, giving us the ability to provide cost effective bespoke solutions. Our dedicated consultancy team are at hand should you wish to discuss price and availability for ‘none standard requirements’.

Does the software have Internet and Email facility?

The power and influence of the internet and use of Email in today’s modern world is phenomenal. It would be naive to ignore the importance of these facilities.

Managing on the move couldn’t be easier with the web based TWC, Employee Self Service and the Mobile Phone App are additional ‘feature rich’ options.

What hardware is available, and where is it manufactured?

The hardware choice is just as important as the software. The generic ActIn Time hardware product range is manufactured in the U.K. purpose built and designed hand in hand with the ActIn Time software development team. All hardware, firmware and PCB’s are regulated and controlled to industrial standard. Biometric & proximity card formats are available; the hardware can also be adapted to work with a variety of different formats, very handy if you want to use the same card as your existing access control system.

Once again, customer demand and imported hardware have had an impact within the industry. As a result the introduction of 3rd party hand and face recognition terminals has become a necessity and has been incorporated within the ActIn Time portfolio.

What about technical support?

At some point you will have to rely on technical expertise, whether it is for a System Failure, PC Crash, Virus or just general day-to-day questions.

Your Workforce Management Solution is important to you! Your employees have to be paid on time. Your system could be relied upon for Health & Safety monitoring and reporting. Building and site security is essential and lockouts must be prioritised, diagnosed & rectified as soon as possible. These are just a few examples of what could go wrong!

Our UK based, fully trained support & installation team are focused on dealing with your problems quickly, efficiently & economically. We provide telephone, remote PC assistance & onsite support.

Why focus on a company who manufactures software & hardware in the UK?

When trusting a system for Attendance/Absence monitoring, Payroll, Personnel, Access, Health & Safety, Security etc. then you will require a reliable local source.

Trust us…. You can’t put a price on the importance of getting access to the programmers and designers here in the U.K. with no time difference or language barrier.

Support your heritage and you can’t go wrong.